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A Strong Start

Damon Smith is the owner/founder and head instructor of Tactical Consultants LLC firearms sales and training facility. Damon was fortunate to grow up around firearms with his father and it wasn’t uncommon to have those firearms accessible to him as he grew up. His father taught him well about firearms safety, eliminated the “curiosity” guns seem to have with children and taught him an overall strong level of respect for the firearms in their household. Damon grew up shooting at gun ranges with his family and hunting with his Dad. At a very young age, his father taught him how to reload ammunition, and by age 15 Damon had a complete ammunition reloading station in his bedroom making various ammunition calibers from rifle to handgun!

Experienced in Training Others

Early in his twenties, Damon became a police officer where he served 20 years with various agencies and the Federal Government. He became an instructor/trainer very early in his career as a Field Training Officer teaching new police officers on road patrol. Damon also served as an Operator and Scout on a Mutual Aid SWAT/HRT team, tasked to service many cities for high-risk search warrants, barricaded gunmen, hostage rescue, and other incidents they would be called upon. Not long after, he was promoted to a firearms instructor and served for many years teaching in his agency’s firearms training division. This division not only taught police officers at the live fire range but also worked with officers in patrol operations, scenarios and simunition training. Damon was then asked to take over the AR-15/Patrol Rifle training for the department where he completely redesigned the course curriculum to teach both new and veteran officers how to implement the rifle on everyday patrol.

Transition to Civilian Sector

His police department started offering concealed pistol training classes for Judges, employees, friends, family, and retired police officers, certified under the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards. This is where he started transitioning to teaching the citizen side of firearms training and helped to certify many people in earning their concealed pistol licenses. Damon is also a certified concealed pistol and home defense instructor with the USCCA/United States Concealed Carry Association. Damon completed his Law Enforcement career as a Detective serving in his agency’s Bureau of Investigations.

Real World Experience Now Available to You

Damon has been very passionate and serious about his training and being the best possible instructor with his fellow police officers, so they had every possible advantage to survive and go home to their families at the end of their shift. Now, Damon hopes to share this same passion and drive to help others exercise their 2nd Amendment right to confidently carry a firearm for the protection of themselves and their loved ones.

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