What Clients are saying.

“Damon was an absolutely excellent instructor. He applied the rules and regulations of different weapons to real life situations and how each law would be applicable. Overall I am extremely happy with my experience and have learned an incredible amount about gun safety.”

– Seth R.

“Damon Smith was very knowledgeable and thorough. I really enjoyed the class.”

Erin O.

“Damon is the best! Very professional, very knowledgeable and he’s a sharp shooter. But he was very thorough with his presentation. It was very much appreciated.”

Anthony W.

“Very informative, professional and well worth my time. Damon is extremely knowledgeable and a great instructor. Highly recommend his training class.”

Mark K.

“This class provided me with more knowledge of gun safety and the rules/laws needed to know as a gun owner than I ever imagined. It was so thorough and Damon was passionate in teaching the class to us. With his background and life experiences in law enforcement, he could give some great examples of what to do and not to do related to managing a gun. I will recommend this course to my friends/family! Thank you.”


– Erica A.

“I would highly recommend Tactical Consultants Damon Smith is highly knowledgeable and very professional.”

Gary C.

“The class was exceptional. Damon was extremely thorough, patient and very knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY recommend taking Damon’s class!”

Kimberly S.

“Damon Smith was very professional and knowledgeable and passionate about teaching us everything we needed to know about guns. Safety being number one priority. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering owning a gun. Keep up the Great work Damon!!”

Ann R.

“Our instructor Damon was very professional. He made sure we understood all of the content needed to get through the course. His professionalism and character were exceptional. The time he took with us to explain each lesson and the guidance he gave met my expectations. Our time at the range left me very comfortable and I felt like I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this course and instructor to any friends and family.”


– Patricia H.

“Damon is so welcoming and knowledgeable. Covered all material clearly and thoroughly. Learned so much and will definitely pursue additional training with him!”

Brianna S.

“Damon Smith was a tremendous instructor for the class and was very knowledgeable and down to earth during our training session. Would recommend his class to anyone interested in obtaining their concealed carry license.”

Beers J.

“Extremely thorough, knowledgeable instructor. Hands on, and takes time to individually work with clients and address any questions or concerns that arise in training. It’s clear that this is Damon’s passion. The cumulative law enforcement experience that Damon has provides an invaluable training experience and edge over other CPL courses. Highly recommended!!”

Christina S.

Damon brings real world experience and passion about the right to be your own first responder into the classroom. Today, with the state of our world it is especially important to be ready to successfully evade a potentially dangerous situation or defend yourself when necessary. This course was not merely about carrying a firearm. It also brought awareness to the responsibility of carrying and being aware of your surroundings. I feel more empowered as a woman after taking this course and look forward to future training with Damon. Thank you for continuing to teach beyond serving in a full career as law enforcement.


– Former Student

“Damon is a very knowledgeable trainer and is good at explaining class content. He is very attentive at the range to ensure, first and foremost, safety is followed. He takes the time to explain all actions and closely watches for adherence. One of the best training courses I’ve taken as well as Damon was one of the best trainers I have had.”

Bonnie T.

“Very thorough and professional. Materials and video presentation complete. Range training was rigorous but we were well prepared beforehand. Developed a clear understanding of our responsibility carrying a weapon. EVERY time the instructor used his gun he would drop the magazine, lock open the slide and show everyone the gun. Lost count at about 35 or so. Very consistent. Should be training the trainers.”

John V.

Damon Smith did an excellent job with every detail. Verbal instruction, screen presentation, in addition to constant positive feedback throughout. He was also very interesting! He had a great way of explaining things further when any of us had questions. Guidance with handling the gun and constructive criticism on the range was great, as well. I would strongly recommend his training and certification to anyone. I plan to go to Damon for further gun training.

Therese R.

Excellent! Damon is one of a kind, a great instructor, very knowledgeable in the field but also passionate about the experience you have and helping people with CPL training. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


– Danny P.

“Damon is a first class instructor. Very detailed and methodical in his teachings. I learned a great deal from him in the time we spent together. No one I would rather have than Damon teaching me about gun safety and operation of the weapon. Thanks pal!”

Price D.

“Damon was excellent. He really takes the time to ensure you understand and complete each part of the training. He is very patient and encouraging. I highly recommend him without reservation.”

Lon K.

“Very professional and very thorough teacher. Awesome class to take to learn for the first time or even more in depth!!”

Dustin F.

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